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Feb 18th

The threading students experience sharing

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Introduced by a friend that day, I started to learn harness and teacher Annie face, for a middle-aged divorced and unemployed single mother, helplessness and fear. No money and no skills, I cannot think beyond the way, more fear of the rising sun tomorrow, but the teacher careful to teach and encourage, so I began to have a new direction now, in addition to the Night Market do the threading, but also to do some on-site service guests, although the economy is not very Well, but I no longer fear the future.

Is a chance to teach the threading, I grew up to see Grandma pull the face, she would teach me the threading skills. Unfortunately, because the young, learn not to study until after the Association was founded, just opportunities and parliamentarians a “new residents” training course contains a pull face nails trimmed nails painted since then started to take the initiative to ask the rolled surface course, I also began to teach the skills of the threading after the end of the course, many people start with the threading, and feedback to me is full of thanks and moved. I have found to threading even be able to help people.

Because of this, I do not count the time cost, as long as people want to learn, I am a person willing to commence the students on my thanks to my very warm, looking at their dependence on the teacher, I decided to continue to teach the threading.