The origin of the butterfly style facial threading

Legend threading skill are from the Chinese Sui Dynasty before woman marriage threading skill of technologic will pull the fine hair form the face and make the face bright. Ancient unmarried bride on the eve of line pull the repair capacity of baptism. “get people care” better bring “good luck”. “threading” This is a kind of ancient ritual, elders incense offerings to the gods, incense after the bride, in the halls of the old lady hands-on implementation of the rolled surface, or known as the “open face”. Threading facial is the beauty of Chinese folklore techniques, has a long history, the main function is the removal of hair on his face, powder makeup can be applied to the face is more symmetrical, the threading can make the skin clean, except for the face the finest hairs effect lasts for two weeks, threading cleared the intention is dirt in the pores and cleaning up the fuzz! Itchy because of the fine hairs been uprooted and itching caused by plucking his eyebrows, like pulling completely will feel the itch of allergy varies from person to person, the face becomes white face a lot of small fine hairs pull clean will certainly white but remember when finished the threading must be really good cleaning action will be very easy to acne. Beauty is woman’s nature, it was said, “Modern Beauty by instruments, early beauty of skill. A facial, skin care is a popular cosmetic surgery, but the era of the old grandmother can no medical cosmetic equipment, acid, lotions, creams and other cosmetics! The water of the skin is come to the threading and maintenance. “threading” affordable, the old days, when women do not Scrub to remove acne, they do not mask clean the face, but the “threading” to clean the skin cuticle removal of face fuzz. It is said that in ancient times, the eve of the bride married, must be do the threading to, then get people care, “better bring” good luck “, after the threading, the skin will become tender and bright, to reduce wrinkles, plus the powder dry, cool, does not contain any chemicals, they are able to be women of all ages, has a place in cosmetic surgery.  “threading” is a kind of ancient ritual, by the elders incense offerings to the gods, and then by the bride incense in hands-on implementation of the threading known as the “open face” by the old woman in the hall. Today in the Taiwan south of the marriage ceremony, and still see the ceremony, the only difference is to help the bride threading, not necessarily know how to threading of the master, as long as women can be respected in the family, she will be the symbolic the bride’s face with a line to draw a few, so that we can achieve the purpose of the open face, to bring good fortune and good luck for the bride. Early Taiwanese folk cosmetic surgery, in addition to whitening outside the prevalence of the ” threading “the face lit up, the most ” threading ” in the past years or women before marriage or the slack season, by hand by experienced elders, women, it. More common after the custom to the professional salon beauty salon in Taiwan gradually declined, modern crush want to do the threading is no longer under the constraints of traditional etiquette, modern guy want to do the threading also become accustomed to no longer be seen as different, the beauty of both men and women gender. The only impression of the “threading” have almost all of the old lady, his mouth a line or two hands to do the regular gestures, be coiled up in the face and put a layer of white powder on his eyes closed. face leakage ferocious expression, a shriek from time to time, plus erected onlookers to watch the people, adorned with a cute picture. But less than before, according to the results of our survey, for the people never done the threading will always think it will be pain! However, according to the actual experience of our team members, in fact, the threading is not pain, is a enjoy. Previously, threading is really hurts, but now is not the main reason is the improvement of the “enjoy”! The raw materials of early pull face master line with the “twine” Think about it with twine made of clothes to wear on the body is uncomfortable, will feel tingling, not to mention is to be used to do the threading! Now, because the lines was been improvement of the line, the threading master line are made with cotton and soft so when do the threading is really comfortable! Of course, “we must first pull the surface of the required appliances, while simple, but in a small place can also see the intentions of the master. Cotton alone, there are sub-thickness, the master will choose three different thickness of thread, sequentially from coarse to fine guests at least pull back, so that small hairs can also be coiled neatly. Threading facial, put the best face powder, all acclaimed Hsinchu powder, swelling powder or white powderEarly powder Hsinchu specialties, many Japanese businessmen to Taiwan to order a lot of Japanese geisha love to paint this Taiwan powder, but continue to produce this texture into history as the times change, Hsinchu thriving powder industry, natural touch both delicate and smooth powder stores have been rare! These tools we will introduce in the back of the unit. Looking for threading of the process, we find that one thing is the threading of the call because the different languages ​​and regions, there are many different names, I think this is what we do not know! Rolled surface, which has several call it? For example:   Threading: Mandarin call “wan lian” Swept threading: Unexplained Dial threading: The main Fujian Province “open face” when women married, especially that threading “open face” is to bring good fortune the meaning of a face lifting. Open FaceThreading: Same as above, but today, open face is no longer just a special marriage that usually use the red line is called “open face”