Butterfly facial threading and the other threading differences

Many people think the new style threading are the butterfly threading. The differences between the new, old & the butterfly threading:

Butterfly practices New techniques
Old practices
Strength point
Both Hands (two point)
Both Hands (two point)

Mouth & Both Hands Left and right (three-point)

Light (elastic)
Light (shear)
Heavy (tension)
Hair Removal manner
Single point hair removal
Single point hair removal
The entire film-style hair removal
Learning speed
Easier to learn
Easier to learn
Higher degree of difficulty
The operator can wear a mask
The operator can wear a mask
Bite the line cannot wear masks.
Damage to the skin Relatively small Relatively small
Relatively large

The butterfly facial threading is the only way to achieve a face lift techniques, which all line hair removal in the winding way, right hand opening and closing force and the new style threading. New syle threading focus on the right hand, butterfly facial threading is left hand stretch to achieve the effect of hair removal.

Torque = strength arm × force

L = ×

Butterfly pull side is the use of mechanics and leverage to Hair Removal: