Teacher Annie

Qualifications introduced

  • Founder of the butterfly facial threading
  • Asian University of Business Management, Master
  • Juridical association beauty skills Development Association
  • Vivian Beauty Spa Pavilion Beauty Director
  • Zhao Bao Enterprise Pte Ltd. responsible person
  • Yang Yi Technology Pte Ltd. responsible person
  • Wish butterfly facial threading shop person in charge
  • 2008 Chinese National Cut Hair & Beauty Games in Beauty review long
  • Association Tenth governing Taipei men rationale hot method
  • Elected 98 years of exemplary labor

Professional teaching experience 

  • National Occupational Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of China “to enhance the self-serving labor learning program” Distinguished Lecturer
  • 2008 Asian hairstyles makeup contest review
  • 39th National Skills Competition categories, the first salon of the instructor
  • 98 years of labor skills activities painting master
  • Copyright © All the beauty and skill development Association butterfly pull surface lecturer
  • Instructor of the 40th international skills competitions Beauty category
  • 40th beauty national champion teacher training

Professional certificates and qualifications

  • National beauty C, Class B technical persons qualified
  • Asian color body painting a certificate of competency
  • KIRSTY aroma therapy certificate
  • Naturopathy courses Certificate of Completion

Print media

  • Beauty Technologic Journal (ancient cosmetic surgery and beauty of)
  • DVD Media publishing: butterfly facial threading teaching volume DVD