What is a butterfly style facial threading?


蝶式挽面   蝶式挽面方式蝶式挽面蝶式挽面蝶式挽面
Butterfly facial threading is popular in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries, That is a new way of threading skill.

The origin of the name of the butterfly facial threading is.Because the opening and closing gestures and butterflies fluttering opened a joint looks like, so called new techniques for “butterfly” facial threading. Trace the history of the threading, is being found to have originated from the Chinese Sui Dynasty. However, the technologic advances of modern beauty the threading is remains. Not just Asians, even in Western countries also no threading.The. Butterfly facial threading with the new threading difference between the opening and closing gestures and strength. Butterfly facial threading improved the old threading style, do not mouth bite, but by the hands opening and closing to achieve the effect of hair removal. Butterfly facial threading created by teacher(Annie) in Taiwan, is the use of mechanics and elasticity to achieve hair removal, the effect of shear and tension is different from other practices. The Butterfly facial threading has been the trademark registration of the Republic of China and the dates is 20th June 2010 opened to join.